TPG Healthcare Partners

TPG established TPG Healthcare Partners (THP) in 2018 to pursue healthcare-related investments, primarily in partnership with other TPG funds. The fund grew out of TPG’s long-term focus on Healthcare and the successful investment practice we have built around it. One of the first funds of its kind, THP provides our limited partners with a dedicated healthcare investment platform that touches all areas of healthcare, including providers, payors, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare technology.

Since inception, THP has invested nearly $1 billion in businesses including AskBio, BGB, Convey Health, Kelsey-Seybold, LifeStance Health, Monogram, and WellSky. At $2.7 billion, TPG Healthcare Partners is recognized as one of the largest pools of capital dedicated to healthcare investments. To learn more about TPG Capital’s investments in the healthcare sector, visit