Platform: Impact

At TPG, we have a fundamental belief that private enterprise can contribute significantly to addressing global societal challenges. We launched our Impact platform in 2016 with the founding of The Rise Fund, the largest impact-focused private equity fund ever raised. The Rise Fund is committed to driving both competitive financial returns and measurable societal benefits at scale. Since launching The Rise Fund, we have built out our Impact platform to include sector-specific impact investing funds: the Evercare Health Fund, which invests in healthcare in emerging markets, and TPG Rise Climate, a dedicated climate investing strategy. Our multi-fund impact platform harnesses the diverse skills of a differentiated group of stakeholders:

  • Y Analytics is a public benefit organization that is wholly owned by TPG. We founded Y Analytics to provide impact research and rigorous assessment measures for impact investments.
  • The Founders Board is an advisory board composed of global thought leaders supporting conscientious capitalism as well as a group of strategic partners and advisors.
  • The Climate Coalition is a partnership between TPG and more than 20 leading global corporations. The Climate Coalition is dedicated to sharing knowledge of and invest in climate solutions through TPG Rise Climate.

Our impact funds are focused on driving meaningful societal improvements in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in doing so, we aim to advance a new measure of success in the world of investing by creating profit and positive impact in tandem. Today, our Impact platform has more than $11 billion in assets under management and has invested in more than $2 billion through The Rise Fund, TPG Rise Climate, and the Evercare Health Fund.