TPG Sixth Street Partners ("TSSP") is the firm's dedicated credit and credit-related investment platform with over $29 billion in assets currently under management. TSSP has a long-term, patient, and highly flexible capital base, allowing us to invest across industries, geographies, capital structures, and asset classes. All of our investments exhibit common characteristics fundamental to our investment, risk management, and portfolio construction philosophy. We are primarily focused on private market transactions, but also have a substantial presence in the public markets. Our investments are typically complex to source, analyze, and execute.  

TSSP is led by an energetic, collaborative core leadership team with a proven track record of successful partnerships, business building, theme development, sourcing, and investment and risk management. The TSSP leadership team is committed to a culture of cross-platform collaboration and fairness and a relentless pursuit of substance-based debates. Our name honors Sixth Street, a historic and dynamic center of Austin, TX, and an important place and building block for the culture of TSSP. It represents the energy, history, and diversity that define our firm.

Our businesses include: 

TSSP Adjacent Opportunities Partners (TAO) is focused on opportunities generated across the TSSP platform. It is TSSP's most flexible capital base and can house any investment that fits into our investment philosophy.  


TSSP Alternative Credit Partners (TACP) is TSSP's platform for investing across the capital structure in global secondary and public markets. TACP applies TSSP’s deep fundamental research approach, developed across market cycles, to stressed, distressed, and special situation debt and equity securities with an acute focus on downside protection and favorably skewed risk-reward profiles.


TSSP Capital Solutions (TCS) provides financing solutions to growing companies seeking additional financing or liquidity while limiting the dilution of current equity. Capital solutions investments usually come in the form of growth debt, preferred equity, or stapled solutions.


TSSP Energy Partners is TSSP’s global energy credit and credit-related investing platform. It seeks to provide differentiated, solutions-based capital to facilitate the execution of development and growth strategies within the energy sector.

TPG Opportunities Partners (TOP) is TSSP’s platform for pursuing actively managed global special situations and opportunistic credit investments in corporate- and real estate-backed investments. TOP seeks to purchase or originate special situations/distressed investments across credit cycles with compelling risk-reward characteristics. 

TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. (NYSE: TSLX) is a specialty finance company focused on lending to U.S. middle-market companies. TSLX seeks to generate current income primarily through direct senior secured loans and, to a lesser extent, originations of mezzanine loans and investments in corporate bonds and equity securities. To learn more, visit

TPG Specialty Lending Europe (TSLE) is TSSP’s direct lending fund focused on middle-market companies primarily in Europe. To learn more, visit

TPG Institutional Credit Partners (TICP) is TSSP’s platform for investing in non-investment-grade corporate credit, including leveraged loans, structured financings, and high-yield bonds. TICP principally sources its investments in the public/syndicated capital markets, and manages portfolios—particularly in the form of collateralized loan obligations—for institutional investors.

TSSP Infrastructure Partners (TIP) is TSSP’s platform for pursuing infrastructure special situations. It seeks to purchase or originate high-quality, stable infrastructure assets in stressed, niche or structurally complex situations.

TSSP’s Core Platform is comprised of our “Pentagon” (our sourcing-as-a-business), fundraising, portfolio operations, business development, legal, compliance, accounting, and financial planning operations, as well as our strategy, tax, IT and other “non-investment” functions that work across disciplines to ensure robust risk management and investment support.

TSSP assets under management as of 9/30/2018. Excludes TOP I, which was invested as a series of commitments across multiple TPG vehicles. Includes $1,994 million of amounts committed to, but not yet activated in, TSSP's TAO Platform. Figure also includes certain commitments which were closed in Q4 2018.

TPG Sixth Street Partners and related marks and logos are service marks or registered marks owned by Austin IP, LLC.