Equipping Every U.S. Classroom for Digital Learning


Technology can equalize access to education, personalize learning, and empower teachers. Until recently, however, too few public schools have had the broadband capabilities needed to realize these benefits.

To help close this gap, TPG Co-Founder Jim Coulter helped build the Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission, which works alongside EducationSuperHighway, a non-profit dedicated to upgrading the Internet access in American public schools. With additional collaboration from school districts, governors, and state officials, they are actively working toward the goal of connecting every classroom in America to high-speed broadband.

The progress has been outstanding—More than 30 million new students have been connected to high-speed broadband since 2013—but 11 million students still need upgraded broadband to take advantage of digital learning. TPG portfolio company Grande Communications, based in Texas, is doing its part to bring broadband to schools by helping the school districts it serves get the most for their budget.


Texas Broadband Report


“Every child deserves the best education possible, and a key part of that is ensuring that every classroom has access to high-speed Internet service. Broadband providers have an unprecedented ability to help school districts provide high-quality education by working closely with them to achieve connectivity goals,” said Jim Holanda, Chief Executive Officer. “At Grande Communications, we’re very proud to be bringing 100 percent of the districts we serve to the 100 kbps goal.”

Find out more about EducationSuperHighway's progress in their 2016 State of the States report, available for download here.