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Our Approach

A Distinct Style Of Investing

TPG was built with a unique perspective and approach

At TPG, we are transformational investors. We aim to drive meaningful long-term value and leave our companies healthier, more strategic, and more growth-oriented than they were when we invested.

Sector-focused insight shared across platforms

Our focus on sectors is at the core of our investment strategy. Our investment teams are principally organized around sectors—which means that investors who focus on diverse products and strategies across the firm work together to build deep insight and relationship networks in our key sectors. Sharing ideas and intellectual capital across the firm gives us distinctive insight, and this cross-platform leverage enables us to bring the right capital solutions to compelling opportunities.

We call this approach “shared teams and shared themes,” and we build it into our culture by having open investment committees that can be attended by professionals from all platforms, products, and levels of seniority.

Learn more about the sectors we’re pursuing firmwide:

TPG Insights: The AI Revolution

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