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TPG Rise Climate Conversations

In this series of videos, we hear from a number of leaders across the firm and TPG ecosystem on why we launched a dedicated climate investing strategy back in 2021 and how that strategy continues to evolve.

TPG Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, and Managing Partner of TPG Rise Climate Jim Coulter discusses what led to the launch of TPG Rise Climate and how the platform fits into the evolution of the firm and industry over the last thirty years.

TPG Rise Climate Executive Chairman Hank Paulson discusses the role he sees the private sector playing in combating the threat of climate change and what ultimately drew him to TPG Rise Climate.

TPG Rise Climate Executive Chairman Hank Paulson discusses the rigor and assessment that goes into the TPG Rise Climate investment process and what makes him excited to be part of TPG Rise Climate.

Y Analytics CEO Maryanne Hancock describes what role Y Analytics plays at TPG and why the firm created a separate organization to assess impact in its investing process.

Y Analytics CEO Maryanne Hancock discusses the unique tools and frameworks that the organization uses to assess impact in TPG’s investing process

TPG Partner Jonathan Garfinkel discusses what goes into TPG Rise Climate’s sector development of climate investing and what makes that approach unique to the firm.

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