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Market Solutions

Equity Capital Markets

Providing diversified public markets expertise throughout the lifecycle of an investment

TPG’s Equity Capital Markets team acts as a lead advisor and underwriter on capital raises and monetization of our ownership stakes in the public equity markets, including initial public offerings, SPACs, follow-on offerings, equity-linked products, and subsequent realizations. We also provide dual-track and structured equity solutions advisory services.

Fully integrated to drive superior outcomes

The Equity Capital Markets team is a central part of the TPG ecosystem. From the earliest stages of an investment, our Equity Capital Markets professionals are closely integrated with our investment teams and the management teams of our portfolio companies to prepare for future public offerings. When TPG’s companies enter the public markets, our Equity Capital Markets team manages the full underwriting process to optimize execution, including leveraging relationships with our Limited Partners to provide cornerstone investment opportunities.
Our ability to consistently deliver superior financing outcomes drives significant value to our portfolio companies and our investors.