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TPG Angelo Gordon

Global credit and real estate investing platform backed by fundamental research and a commitment to capital protection

Investing in inefficient markets to generate consistent returns

Angelo Gordon was acquired by TPG in 2023, becoming a new diversified credit and real estate investing platform within the firm. With nearly 35 years of experience investing across a broad range of credit and real estate strategies, TPG Angelo Gordon seeks alternative investment opportunities that will deliver consistent absolute returns for clients. Our investment approach relies on disciplined portfolio construction backed by rigorous research and a strong focus on capital preservation.


In Assets Under Management*


Year Founded

* TPG Angelo Gordon’s currently stated AUM of approximately $80 billion as of March 31, 2024 reflects fund-level asset-related leverage. Prior to May 15, 2023, TPG Angelo Gordon calculated its AUM as net assets under management excluding leverage, which resulted in TPG Angelo Gordon AUM of approximately $53 billion last reported as of December 31, 2022. The difference reflects a change in TPG Angelo Gordon’s AUM calculation methodology and not any material change to TPG Angelo Gordon’s investment advisory business. For a description of the factors TPG Angelo Gordon considers when calculating AUM, please see the disclosure linked here.

TPG Angelo Gordon Credit Solutions

TPG Angelo Gordon's Credit Solutions business has a differentiated, all-weather, solutions-based approach that can be executed in any market environment.

TPG Angelo Gordon CLOs

TPG Angelo Gordon’s CLO team invests in predominantly non-investment grade credit instruments.



TPG Angelo Gordon Structured Credit & Specialty Finance

Our global structured credit and specialty finance capabilities allow us to offer a broad-based, fully integrated platform covering public and private opportunities across a wide range of securitized and other asset-based credit.

TPG Angelo Gordon Middle Market Direct Lending

TPG Angelo Gordon’s middle market direct lending team builds on the firm’s long-term history in deep credit underwriting.

TPG Angelo Gordon Multi-Strategy

TPG Angelo Gordon’s multi-strategy investment platform channels our extensive analytic capabilities to invest flexibly throughout market cycles.

TPG Angelo Gordon Global Real Estate

TPG Angelo Gordon Global Real Estate acquires underperforming assets in the U.S, Europe, and Asia, where we can employ our value-add skills to improve property performance.

TPG Angelo Gordon Net Lease Real Estate

TPG Angelo Gordon’s Net Lease business provides real estate sale-leaseback financing to less-than-investment grade owner-occupiers of corporate real estate.

Our other platforms

TPG puts capital to work through six platforms. Throughout our history, we have grown organically into opportunities we identified through deep thematic work in key sectors and geographies, and through strategic acquisitions to diversify our offerings.


$71B AUM

Large-scale control-oriented private equity investing


$27B AUM

Growth equity and middle market private equity investing


$19B AUM

Private equity investing focused on both societal and financial outcomes

Real Estate

$18B AUM

Diversified, thematic Real Estate investing platform

Market Solutions


Differentiated strategies built to address specific market opportunities

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