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TPG Angelo Gordon

TPG Angelo Gordon Credit Solutions

A differentiated, all-weather, solutions-based approach that can be executed in any market environment

We are not reliant on bankruptcies, defaults, restructuring processes, or deep distress to create investment opportunities. Instead, we proactively seek to align ourselves with company management teams, business owners, and private equity sponsors, and we use our structuring creativity and substantial capital base to design bespoke financing transactions. In doing this, we look to strategically drive win-win outcomes by partnering with companies to help resolve complex, idiosyncratic situations.

We pursue transactions primarily in North America and Europe, and we have the flexibility to dynamically pivot between the public and private markets to capitalize on what we believe are the most attractive investment opportunities.

With 20+ professionals located across New York and Europe, our investment team leverages their substantial industry expertise along with the full resources of Angelo Gordon’s approximately $60 billion credit platform and the firm’s 30+ years of credit investing experience.

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