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TPG Angelo Gordon

TPG Angelo Gordon Middle Market Direct Lending

Building on the team’s long history in deep credit underwriting

Through our middle market direct lending business, TPG Twin Brook Capital Partners, we provide cash-flow based financing solutions for the middle market private equity community in North America.

TPG Angelo Gordon’s flexible product suite allows for tailored financing solutions for leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, add-on acquisitions, growth capital, and other situations for companies that typically have EBITDA between $3 million and $50 million, with a focus on companies with less than $25 million of EBITDA. The group focuses on senior secured loans with a concentration in first liens with a loan-to-value target of 40% to 55%, although opportunistic investments may include second liens, asset-backed securities, unitranche loans, and mezzanine loans, likely in conjunction with providing more senior financing in the same transaction.

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