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TPG Angelo Gordon

TPG Angelo Gordon Net Lease Real Estate

Providing real estate sale-leaseback financing to less-than-investment grade owner-occupiers of corporate real estate

Companies can access 100% of their real estate value while maintaining long-term operational control. The use of proceeds can include:

  • Facility expansions
  • Debt reduction
  • M&A
  • Growth/expansion financing
  • Dividend recapitalizations
  • Leveraged/management buyouts
  • Corporate restructuring/exit financing
  • Synthetic lease conversions

In addition to working with privately-held and public large and middle market companies, our team has extensive experience providing sale-leaseback financing to financial sponsors and their portfolio companies.

Angelo Gordon, with its significant experience as a principal investor in credit and real estate assets, provides an underwriting platform in the net lease industry, enabling the Net Lease group to execute transactions with a high degree of certainty, timeliness, and sophistication.

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