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Business Services

Backing critical service providers in growing industries

The business services sector provides a broad opportunity to deploy TPG’s operational capabilities and growth strategies to service providers across a range of industries. As companies seek to reduce fixed costs and outsource non-core services, we see growing opportunities to support and build companies that provide those services, leveraging TPG’s cross-industry expertise and deep sector insights.

Creating competitive advantage through scale

Our investment experience has demonstrated the importance of scale in the businesses services sector. We focus on companies that provide mission-critical services in growing end-markets in which we can create a stronger competitive advantage through increased scale, driven by both augmented organic growth and market consolidation. Within business services, we focus on key subsectors including professional services, services to the financial sector, data and information services, supply chain and logistics, and industrial services, among others. We look for companies in these subsectors with competitive, resilient business models that serve growing end-markets.

TPG’s approach to the business services sector spans several strategies:

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