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SET (Software & Enterprise Tech)

Flexible growth capital for next-generation market leaders

Technology is the backbone of our economy. Tech-enabled disruptors continue to change the way we live and work, while businesses across sectors are facing the need for digital transformation in order to compete and serve the evolving needs of their customers. TPG has been investing in Software & Enterprise Technology for over 20 years, building and supporting companies that transform the way we think about productivity and innovation within organizations.

Investing across the technology ecosystem

TPG’s Software and Enterprise Technology team brings deep sector expertise and operating capabilities to companies across all stages of growth. We have worked with disruptors to build their playbooks, and we know how to transform today’s platforms into next-generation leaders. Our approach prioritizes active and engaged partnership, working with management teams to make their companies stronger and more strategic than they were before our investment.

TPG has partnered with dozens of game-changing companies that are creating new solutions and driving efficiencies in their markets. We invest in Software & Enterprise Technology through multiple strategies across the firm:

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