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Growth investing with a West Coast perspective and a focus on high-growth sectors

Flexible capital to help growing business scale

TPG’s Growth platform provides us with the ability to invest in companies that are earlier in their lifecycle, are smaller in size, or have profiles that are different from what we’d consider for our Capital platform. Our family of growth funds has developed organically as new areas of opportunity emerge, particularly in technology and media.




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Invested Since Inception

TPG Growth

Growth equity is one of the fastest growing private equity strategies in the market today. TPG was early to recognize this opportunity, launching TPG Growth in 2007 to meet the unique needs of earlier-stage companies, from traditional minority growth investing to growth buyouts and specialty capital. TPG’s West Coast roots, value-added operating approach, global reach, and sector depth give us a distinct advantage in growth investing and position us as a valued partner for entrepreneurs.



TPG Digital Media

Established in 2017, TPG Digital Media (TDM) is a flexible source of capital created specifically to pursue investment opportunities in digital media. TDM leverages TPG’s long history of studying and pursuing themes around the creation and distribution of content to build market-leading businesses in attractive verticals within the digital media landscape.

TPG Technology Adjacencies

TPG Technology Adjacencies (TTAD) developed organically out of our technology investing practice in 2018. We saw significant value being created in the private markets as tech companies increasingly opted to stay private through more advanced stages of growth. This is a new era in the technology market that requires flexible capital with a full-suite, full-cycle approach to investing, and we created TTAD specifically for this opportunity.

TPG Life Sciences Innovations

As the pace of research, development, and innovation in the life sciences sector accelerates, TPG is uniquely positioned to be a capital provider of choice to emerging leaders. TPG Life Sciences Innovations (LSI) is a new strategy that will invest in companies that are developing new therapeutic modalities, biologics, and small molecules, as well as later-stage opportunities in digital health, medical devices, diagnostics, and innovation services.


in historical TPG life sciences investments

Our other platforms

TPG puts capital to work through six platforms. Throughout our history, we have grown organically into opportunities we identified through deep thematic work in key sectors and geographies, and through strategic acquisitions to diversify our offerings.


$71B AUM

Large-scale control-oriented private equity investing


$19B AUM

Private equity investing focused on both societal and financial outcomes

TPG Angelo Gordon

$80B AUM

Global credit and real estate investing platform

Real Estate

$18B AUM

Diversified, thematic Real Estate investing platform

Market Solutions


Differentiated strategies built to address specific market opportunities

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