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TPG has a longstanding commitment to fostering strong ESG performance as a firm and in our investment practices

TPG first adopted a Global ESG Performance Policy in 2012 and became a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment in 2013. Each year, we continue to strengthen and deepen the integration of ESG performance throughout the firm.

Y Analytics

Y Analytics, a public benefit organization that is wholly owned by TPG, operates the firm’s ESG performance arm. Y Analytics’ mission is to increase not only the amount of capital that is allocated toward impact, but also to improve the effectiveness of capital invested toward the greater good. TPG’s ESG Strategy Council unites the leadership of Y Analytics with the leaders of multiple functions that touch ESG issues, including Legal, Compliance, Human Resources & Human Capital and Operations. Together, the ESG Strategy Council and Y Analytics provide leadership and support to our investment professionals on ESG topics throughout the lifecycle of our investments.

Environmental Impact

TPG is also focused on the firm's own environmental impact, including our firm-wide operational and financed emissions as well as risks in our portfolio. We have analyzed and verified our firm-wide operational emissions for 2019 and 2020, and offset 2020 and 2021 prospectively to take immediate action to neutralize our operational emissions. We participate in and support several climate-related industry groups and initiatives, including the TCFD, Ceres, Initiative Climate International, IIGCC, One Planet Private Equity Funds, and We Are Still In.

TPG's Partnership with Ownership Works

TPG is proud to be a founding partner of Ownership Works, a nonprofit that launched in April 2022 with a mission to increase prosperity through shared ownership at work. With the support of over 60 partners across the private, public and nonprofit sectors, Ownership Works will develop and help implement broad-based employee ownership programs to create better work environments and financial opportunities for employees, and to help businesses improve their performance by attracting and retaining engaged employees who are invested in their company’s success.

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