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TPG Healthcare Partners

Leaders in dedicated, large-scale healthcare private equity investing

TPG Healthcare Partners (THP) was launched in 2018 as an extension of our market-leading healthcare franchise, based on our strong conviction in the opportunity for outsized investment returns in large-scale healthcare buyouts, combined with the lack of scaled private equity funds dedicated to healthcare. We believe the TPG Capital Healthcare team is uniquely positioned to deploy capital in interesting healthcare companies that will build upon the team’s successful track record of investing in healthcare over the last few decades.

At $4.5 billion, THP is one of the largest pools of capital dedicated to large-cap healthcare investing

THP strives to invest in companies that offer innovative solutions to current challenges in the healthcare system, with a playbook that emphasizes heavy organic investment in R&D, sales and marketing, and accretive business development that can drive substantial, outsized growth.

THP investments include next-generation care delivery platforms including LifeStance, Kelsey-Seybold, and Monogram Health; innovative companies transforming patient outcomes such as AskBio; and other market-leading healthcare technology and services companies including WellSky, Convey, and BGB Group.

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