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Real Estate

TPG Real Estate Partners

A differentiated approach to opportunistic real estate investing

Established in 2009, TPG Real Estate Partners (TREP) is TPG’s dedicated opportunistic real estate equity investment platform. TREP has built a differentiated investment portfolio comprised primarily of real estate-rich platforms and portfolios located in the United States and Europe.

Value creation at the property, portfolio, and platform levels

The foundation of TREP’s investment strategy is a research and data-driven approach to theme generation, allowing us to be highly selective in identifying the most compelling opportunities in targeted sectors and geographies. During TREP’s ownership, our value creation strategies focus on driving returns across three critical dimensions: optimization of property-level performance, aggregation and curation of strategically aligned portfolios, and enhancement of platform capabilities. We generally pursue these strategies in partnership with dedicated management teams. TREP is committed to responsible investing practices and the deliberate consideration of environmental, social, and governance factors across all stages of the investment process.
Recent investments reflect our current thematic focus areas, including Alloy Properties, a US-based life sciences and innovation portfolio aggregation strategy; Cinespace Studios and Studio Babelsberg, content production studio platforms in both the US and Europe; B2R Partners, a US single-family build-to-rent venture; and multiple industrial strategies in both the US and Europe.

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